When Pincushions Attack!

I always wondered what my sewing supplies were doing when I was asleep or out of the house. Sheesh!


3 thoughts on “When Pincushions Attack!

  1. Yikes! That is wonderful. I shall use that as an excuse for my slovenly habits. Now I wonder what my mop, toilet bowl brush and vacuum cleaner do at night? Obviously they are sleeping.

  2. Is that why I can never get the office/sewing room cleaned up and organized at the same time and have it STAY that way? LOL. BTW, I just found the pins you sent me with the maple syrup order. You made those right? I found them under the bubble wrap when I took it out to save and to throw the box away so that’s why I didn’t find them until now. I hang on to stuff way too long … hehe, but I’m glad I found the pins. Thanks!

  3. Did you hear the sirens?? I came home from the post office only to find Gertrude lying on the kitchen floor. She has sustained some wounds in the region of her buxom little bottom. She appeared to be in shock. The medical prognosis is promising…she is in stable condition, will require some stitches and may have to go through life a little less tarted out as some of her beads are missing. She’ll be o.k. I am so relieved!
    Lesson: (and I know better)…don’t leave the door open to your sewing/knitting/crafting room because your sweet, loving, but has to touch everything with your scent on it Newfoundland dog will explore and she will find something to love to death in your absence!

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