All in the Family

Sometimes I watch my kids and try to see bits of family members passed

in them. I have a lot more familiarity with traits from folks on my side –

I’m limited on what  I recognize from the Hubby’s family just because

I didn’t know as many of them as well as I knew mine.

Tonight the Grumble surprised me, as we were getting out of the car

she said,  “Come on self, watch yourself.” –

(I try not to use our names too often)

The funny bit is, my Dan Dan used to say pretty much the same thing.

Dan Dan’s name was Edgar J. Roth, a lovely little German/Scot who

was born and is buried in upstate New York. He and my Grammie Roth,

my Dad’s, Mom’s parents, moved to warmer climes when I was a

babe and so I didn’t get to know him well until I was an adult,

living in the same warm climes with the then-to-be Hubby in the

late 90’s. So it was a  4 hour drive to see him – so what,

we did it quite often, we were young and gas was… $0.77/gallon.

Oh life is good when gas is cheap. Anyway….

Dan Dan used to talk to himself in the cutest ways.

After falling asleep in his easy chair, smoking the same corncob

pipe that my Aunt Heidi had given him whenshe was 4 years old,

he would coax himself back up by saying,

“C’mon Roth, up you go. Watch it.”

Kids may say the darndest things but sometimes, just sometimes,

they utter the most deeply reassuring things. He was part of my

family and she is, I know the circle is there but how incredible

to hear its curve.



2 thoughts on “All in the Family

  1. Beautifully written, sweets! Each of your girls is so special and wonderful to be around. Everyday that they get older(and consider the fact that it’s long periods between each visit from us) I can see the lovely women that they will and are becoming. I LOVED the knitted and felted bouquet, fabulous work. I can’t wait for our summer projects!!!

    Love Ya’!!!!!!!!!!!

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