I am Woman

I was catching up on blog reading today and found out about this amazing project.

Threading Water is honoring women soldiers who have lost their lives in Iraq and

anyone can help – actually, she needs our help and its SO easy to give. Go check it

out and help the project, I am.

On the contest front ( see previous post for details – I’m extending the deadline to

Thursday, May 3 at 11:59EST) Here are your potential prizes:

kanga-prize-1.jpg  kanga-prize-2.jpg kanga-prize-3.jpg  

Click on the pics for biggy goodness. First is some lovely, nubby cotton/wool

with about 500 yds to play with. Second is a skein of Franklin sock yarn,

450 yds in another experimental colorway – one of a kind socks folks!

Third is a skein of Berkshire, 141 yds that Gail has worked her magic on,

this stuff felts beautifully.

Good Luck,



2 thoughts on “I am Woman

  1. Oh what beautiful yarn. I know I already made a guess … not a good one either. Gee, you make everything so I can’t even imagine what it might be. How about a vase to put the flowers in? Ah … it doesn’t work with woolly string does it? 😉 Happy knitting.

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