Heart-Shaped Box

What could this girl be doing for a whole week that she didn’t

have time to blog about it!?!


large-peony.jpg peony-with-leaf.jpg peony-bunch.jpg 

My version of felted peonies, or maybe dahlias 🙂 and leaves

for the already finished hydrangeas. I have a few bits left to

finish, giving them all wire wrapped stems has been a real

flashback for me. Ages ago I worked here and spent hours

each week wrapping 18 gauge wire with florist tape, hours.

I actually developed a callus on my right index finger from

all the wrapping, yup, hours. Anyway… I’m feeling so happy

with the progress on this project and with the results so far

that I’m throwing out a contest AND and easy one at that.

What will I be doing with this:

contest-pink.jpg  contest-pink-2.jpg

Click on the smaller pic for a wickid close-up, and don’t be

fooled by the heart shaped coil – got nothin to do with it.

Comment or e-mail me with your guess by 11:59 EST

on Wednesday, May 2, 2007 and I”ll announce the winner

on Friday. For the winner I have some adorable sock yarn

and an extra skein or 2 of Kangaroo Dyer experiments, yum.


4 thoughts on “Heart-Shaped Box

  1. Hi,
    I *love* the felted flowers! I am impressed even tho i shouldn’t be cuz I know you are very talented!

  2. Well it’s gotta be more felting. Let’s see, looks like a braided coil. Are you knitting with it? Probably not long enough if you’re showing all of it to us. So maybe some more flowers?

  3. For some reason a garter belt comes to mind. Don’t ask why. Lurvely work on the flowers my virtural friend. Simply lovely. AND, if you didn’t/don’t get a chance to re-visit the comments on my bloggy-blog, you are most cerainly welcome to join the Franken-blankie project. Once I stop diving into large cardboard boxes in an attempt to get re-aquainted with my long lost stuff, I’ll figure out the swapping details. Until then, mitre it up, yo!

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