I Think I’m Turning Japanese

My friend, Megan Mc, recently traveled to Japan and brought back goodies 🙂

I don’t have pics of this yet but she brought back a puzzle and some teeny

stamps from the munchikins current favorite movie, “My Neighbor Totoro“.

Its all about the cat bus.

For me, which was a total surprise, she brought back two craft books.

japanese-books.jpg  j-hedgehog.jpg  jfrogs.jpg  

The first is all amigurumi animals. I feel  a need to make the frogs.

jchickens.jpg  jbirds.jpg tall-seedlings.jpg 

The second is a sewing book that she picked up because of the chickens!

Oh, yeah and I threw a shot of our seedlings in there, not bad huh!

Speaking of chickens. We are getting some. Yup, real chickens.

Easter Egg Chickens actually, from my Auntie Nan and Uncle Sherm.

Now we just need to build the coop to house them, fence it in and go

get the birds. *sigh* I want them now 🙂



4 thoughts on “I Think I’m Turning Japanese

  1. Hey, you send those books to me. Right now, you hear me?!? LOL You lucky chicken!!!

    Does the one have instructions for the stork-like bird? I’d love to see more of that.

    And you know I love chickens!

  2. I should show you pictures of our first chicken house. It was a tractor and we pushed it all over the yard. We replaced it with a proper house (called The Grand Chickidian, after a Disney resort) after it got raided a few times. There’s a dark side to chicken rearing.

  3. oh i just ordered my first 2 japanese craft mags and still awaiting them in the mail – i’m so excited!

    had to reply to your post for that and the ‘totoro’ movie which is top notch, as you know, and one of my favorites. love the cat bus.

    it must have been fun visit japan. you lucky duck (errr, chicken)

  4. My daughter loves My Neighbor Totoro… it’s her favorite movie, and the first one she would ever watch the whole way through! Did you ever get your chickens? Do you have pictures of your set up? I’m trying desperately to convince my DH that we can have chickens in our backyard!

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