Ramble On

So, news.

I am stepping down as the Assistant Manager at Webs.

Too much stuff is just piling up in my life and I can’t do the job effectivly.

I’m staying on part-time though so I’ll still enjoy the Weby goodness.

This all means that I’ll have tons of time at home with the munchikins this summer and plenty of time to get some serious crafting done, not to mention the ability to spend time with friends and family more often than once every other weekend 🙂

OK, now for the pics of WIP goodness and munchikins:

new-helmets.jpg  girls-bowling.jpg 

Yesterday the Hubby took the girls out to ride bikes so they got new helmets and

elbow and knee pads – this makes them think they have super powers, no kidding.

Today they went candlepin bowling and had a blast!

giant-gail-yarn.jpg cherry-cordial.jpg  cc-up-close.jpg 

This is a HUGE hank of yarn from Gail, The Kangaroo Dyer. Its a cotton wool

blend and there is enough yardage for a sweater for one of the munchikins.

The second and third  pics are a test color for Franklin Sock Yarn – I lurve it!

I’ve used it in the past for more than socks – good stuff.

tofutsies.jpg  vh-rock.jpg 

Finally, two yarns from SWTC. The first is Tofutsies, a sock yarn for those who

are not fond of wool. We had the Sock Boot Camp event at the store today and

about 60 or so people came to try out this yarn. We got to wear pink camoflage

shirts and addict introduce people to sock knitting – it was a good day. That last

pic is a project for the store that is almost finished, a little t-shirt crocheted in

SWTC Vicki Howell Rock. I should have finished pics later in the week. Till then…



2 thoughts on “Ramble On

  1. Sounds so good that you will have lots more time at home this summer with the kids…having more time with family, friends and oneself…what a treasure. I know you will enjoy it to the fullest. Best!

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