Mary Mary

This year to celebrate Easter and Spring I decided to plant seeds with the munchikins.

I dug a bunch of dehydrated peat pellets and some cellulose pots out of the garden

box in the  garage and set to rehydrating them while they were  out caching

with the Hubby on Saturday. These are pics of

a.) mid rehydration, b.) just after planting, and c.) seedlings

peat-pots.jpg  pp-with-seeds.jpg  pp-with-seedlings.jpg 

I should have some interesting news later this week. We have some big

changes happening here in the little yellow house…

no Mom, I’m not pregnant.



2 thoughts on “Mary Mary

  1. What a cliff hanger! What is the news? Is it the fact that yuou will soon be welcoming a brand new family member? A new Nixon?

    We used “Merb” in a game of Scrabble the other night… so is that you have introduced a new term to the world that comes up during board games?

  2. I NEVER see you anymore!!! I’m actually just getting around to reading blogs again. After tucking the kids in at night, nursing the baby, laying her down, doing the dishes, and an overall tidying of the house, doing anything in an upright position is a chore. Oh, now, come on, get your mind outta the gutter…I lay down to watch a movie;) PLEEEEEAASE call me soon. One kiddo will be gone this W-H-O-L-E week to visit friends. I can’t tell him, but I’m almost in tears thinking about his first trip away from family. Anyway, we should devise a plan for at least a short visit. Got any group things going on where I could pop in and knit or crochet? My MIL will watch “Little Loki” for me…

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