Suitcase for Two

I have a bit of sewing to do for the Bean today:


I have a few things to finish up this weekend, a crochet t-shirt

for the store(I’ll have pics when its done), some little felty bits

for the munchikins easter baskets and some jewelry for them too.

I’ll also be getting some more work done on Cupcake’s bouquet.

And I got something for myself, with lots of extra room for

future acquisitions  (I miss my old trapper keeper):

needle-binder.jpg needle-open-1.jpg needle-open-2.jpg 

You can get your own, and extra pages, here.


3 thoughts on “Suitcase for Two

  1. I have the same one in avacado. I bought it for myself after Christmas and love it. Thanks for the link to extra pages, I didn’t even know they were available.

  2. Hi sarah (and pat)
    it’s been about time that I write and say hello to you all. Though our lives are ENTIRELY different I definitely appreciate reading about what I consider to be your ‘simpler’ lives out in Western Massachusetts (this may be because I make my life more full of drama than necessary out here in Eastern Massachusetts). I enjoy reading about your adventures and glad to know my sister has pals in her creative quests (this so isn’t me!). It’s fun to see what you guys are doing. I’m glad we’re still ‘in touch’ with each other, if only through cyberspace.

    All the best to you and your family – kristen

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