Let Me Tell You a Story

This one has a beginning:


Cupcake‘s bouquet in its raw state – I’m SO ready to dig into this one.

a middle:


My Memaire with about half of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren plus two husbands thrown in for good measure 🙂

and an ending:


The season’s first bottle of syrup next to the last

– this one is for you Stitchy 🙂

Does anyone else out there have a good beginning, middle or

end happening in your life right now?



5 thoughts on “Let Me Tell You a Story

  1. W00t! Yay! I love maple syrup. I would like to bathe in it, wear a dress made out of it, eat salads made of it. It really is one of my favorite things.

    I seem to be perpetually stuck in a middle lately, it’s intensely annoying.

  2. Also, you have a Memaire! I so rarely meet anyone I’m not related to who has one as opposed to a Nana, Granny, or Grandma. Yours looks amazing and must be so proud to have such a huge family and a bunch of husbands to toss around. 🙂

  3. I wish I had a beginning, middle and end to share, but right now I feel like I’m just at the beginning, and it’s a really really good feeling!! If I wasn’t thrown back into dial up hell, I’d be able to post and share it! Dar.

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