Time Keeps on Tickin’…

I’m at home working on my paper today and decided to waste a bit of time online while I ate my sandwich. I’m trying to figure out how to make felt versions of this and this, the rest i have already sussed out. I made 15 minutes dissappear by looking at handsome men, here, here , here and here. (New Black Donnellys tonight!) Mmm. Beefcake is just the perfect dessert sometimes 🙂

I finished this and the Noni bag – more pics tomorrow – maybe.

orange-collar-set.JPG orange-set-earrings.JPG

I should get back to that paper. Truth be told I’d rather curl up in the sugar shack with a good book, its warmer in there than it is in the house today. This is the last good week of sap so I’m boiling away like a good…um…syrup, wife thingy. Oh hell, I’m just helping out the Hubby.



2 thoughts on “Time Keeps on Tickin’…

  1. Opps, the links don’t seem to be working right now. I was trying to see what you might be felting up. You know how I feel about felt! p.s. got the syrup this weekend and will be trying it out for breakfast tomorrow, yum yum.

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