Tequila Sunrise


What could I be up to now? And why can’t I stick to my list!?!

Yesterday I accompanied my Father-in-law to see a client of his. He is a

carpenter that does small scale kitchen/bath renovations, for the most part.

He had done some work for an 80 year old woman up in one of the hill

towns a few months back and got to talking to her as he did the work.

4 years ago she lost the sight in one eye and almost 75% in the other. She

struggles everyday with her deteriorating eyesight and lonliness. She

never married and has no children so she keeps track of the WHOLE

family. She is a treasury of stories about the town her parents were raised

in, the home she now lives in – once her great-grandfather’s  – and the

adventures of her family. She used to be a champion knitter doing

amazing cable and rib sweaters and blankets but when she lost her sight

she lost her will, for a bit anyway. So, my Father-in-law asked if I could

spend some time with her, reaquainting her with needle and yarn. He

had seen me working on different pieces over the last few years and

figured that if I could knit without looking at what I was doing that

she probably could too! Well she was very nervous at first, afraid that

she wouldn’t be able to pick it back up and afraid to hope that she could.

Let me tell ya, ladies and gents, she dove right back in! She started right

in with the long tail cast on, did two and then stopped to ask me if she

had done it right. As I told her that she was doing fine she cast on three

more stitches and then said that she was afraid she was going to mess up.

She didn’t realize that she had just cast on 3 more stitches!! She was SO

excited to know that her hands still remembered what her eyes could no

longer see.  She managed 3 rows of stockinette before we had to head

home for dinner but I have no doubt that she has a few inches by now 😉

I’m glad he asked me to meet her, I’m glad I agreed. She’s a wonderful




5 thoughts on “Tequila Sunrise

  1. What a great story! Will you kep in touch with her?

    And funny that you were near us yesterday – because we were near you! In fact, we went to Webs not knowing they were closed on Sunday…

    I hope we can see each other soon.

  2. What a touching story. I do hope she keeps at it and even a lap blanket to keep her warm and fill her time with the joy that she use to remember would be nice. I hope I’m still knitting when I’m well into my 90’s.

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