In the Gloaming

So, my plans to make adorable felt houses, a la Bella Dia, were quietly washed away in the flood of THINGS TO DO. I hope to get back on track with those, perhaps this summer 🙂 *high hopes*

Right now I have the following with deadlines screaming at me:

Noni Adventure bag for the store, due tomorrow ( hopefully it will actually be done next week.)

1 black “Sith” cape for my nephew’s 8th birthday, he already has a brown Jedi and a white

Yoda cape, this completes the set. I also need to make an “original” cake, his words, in the shape of a star destroyer. WIsh me luck – Due March 18th.

5 Merbs and a Narwhale for Shaun due in early summer – see my yarn pics over here

1 Luscious felted bouquet of hydrangea, peonies and lilly of the valleys for

one Cupcake’s wedding.

On top of ALL that I have a new hat and scarf to make for the Grumble some granny squares, a potholder, drawstring bag, hat and scarf to make for my crochet class and now I desperatly want to make myself a set of these!! Check out their maker and her shop.

spring-tree-doll.jpg fall-tree-doll.jpg

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a craft hole to keep digging 🙂


2 thoughts on “In the Gloaming

  1. “felted bouquet of hydrangea, peonies and lilly of the valleys” That sounds awesome!! Do share when you are done with them.

    Abby’s tree girls are adorable!!

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