Bad Company

This came into the store a few weeks ago and it needed to come home with me!


Normally the yarn comes in bags of 10 balls but these were in the box all by their

lonesome. I haven’t figured out just what is bad about this yarn yet but I’ll giggle

when I eventually use it 🙂

This is more of the Kangaroo Dyer’s experimentation.


This is our Deerfield yarn that Gail played around with a bit. She wasn’t happy with how it turned out but the colorway thrills me 🙂  I’m not sure what I’ll do with it yet but I’m sure a simple scarf is in my future.

And now for some actual usage of yarn,  the Noni Adventure bag in  progress:


Finally, I just got 2 boxes of vintage pattern from a friend who had cleaned out

her grandmother’s attic.


I’ve put a couple up in the Etsy shop – and hey! one set has already sold!! –

AND we’re selling some fresh Maple Syrup – come-n get it!

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