peruvia-gauntlets.JPGAs promised, the project I used that lovely hand-dyed Peruvia for: crocheted gauntlets. I may be teaching this as a class in the fall or submitting to a new One-Skein Wonders book so no pattern is available yet – if I don’t do anything with it I’ll post the pattern for y’all. I’m totally psyched to tell you that my Crochet 1 class is full! I even have people on the waiting list – WhooHoo 🙂

2-swatches.JPG Also this weekend I am a swatching fool. We realized a few weeks ago as we geared up for all the new spring yarns that we had quite a few yarns from the fall that never got swatched, so, the list nearly doubled. Here we have one older yarn: Malizioso from Filatura di Crosa, a 90%wool/10%acrylic blend the knits up at 2.5-3sts/inch on US 10.  And the new yarn: Bali from Tahki Yarns, a 100% bamboo tape that knits up at 4sts/inch on US 10.5.

I have a quick crochet hat to make and write the pattern for, a couple more rows on my ripple blanket and the first round of birds to be had from the Chicken of the Month Club. The girls should be up in the Etsy shop tomorrow or Tuesday morning. I’ll let you know!



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