Come Sail Away

new-rowan-yarns.JPG This is some more of the fantastic schwag that I get from work. More new Rowan yarns to play with so I can reccommend them to customers. The 4 up top are “calmer”, a very stretchy and soft i-cord cotton acrylic blend. This stuff would make great baby clothes and would be good for any summer top. The three lower yarns are “4 Season Cotton”. Now, I’m not much of a cotton girl – it hurts my hands when I knit it, but I have quite a pile going in here and I needed something to do with it. Then I remembered what Jane had done and what Alicia was working on and I thought I’d dive in.

ripple-beginnings.JPGIt seemed right once I got started. I’m teaching the Crochet 1 class at the store this spring and I needed to make nice again with my hooks. I tossed the colors into the random stripe generater and away we went. I’m liking it and the cotton isn’t hurting my hands yet.

hd-peruvia.JPGThis is “Peruvia” from Berroco. You will not find this color anywhere. My coworker took a hank of the natural home to try dyeing it – this is the result. She wasn’t happy with the results but it works for me! I’ll have pics of what I’m working on with it later this week, its a possible class for the fall.

new-noro.JPGFinally we have new Noro yarns. Two skeins of the brand-new “Cotton Hill” and one new color of the “Silk Garden Lite”. I’m knitting up a swatch and a scarf for the store – finished pics later in the week.



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