Mary Did You Know

I must confess. I’m sure I have said before to family members and friends that I detest ironing.
It is a lie.
I hate the time it takes.
Most days I much prefer dropping my clothes in the dryer with a damp cloth and coming back AFTER my shower to find everything wrinkle free and warm:)

Tonight the munchikins are in bed, the Hubby has dozed off early and I find myself doing a final pressing on a few holiday gifts and the skirts to the Munchies Holiday Ensembles. Ironing always, always reminds me of my Nanny, Dad’s Mom. She would pick me up on Sunday mornings, early enough for Sunday School. Sometimes we would stay for the fellowship lunch but more often we would head back to her and Grampy’s house for grilled cheese or Spaghetti O’s. Our afternoons would be filled with books(poetry and Aesop’s Fables), music(Danny Kaye singing Hans Christian Anderson tales) and household chores. There were dishes to be washed and dried, floors to be vacuumed, dinner to be prepped – I was always on salad or potato peeling duty – and sheets to be ironed.
Ironing tonight brings it all back to mind. The shush shush of the iron moving across the fabric, the smell of the steam and the almost burnt cotton and the spray starch – that woman liked crisp sheets – and the congested sigh of the iron as she placed back upright at the end of the board.
I don’t usually go onlike this – it must be the cold medicine. I am sick; Woof.

My Mom and my nephew, Buddy, came out to visit today just as we were putting up our tree. The munchikins did most of the ornament hanging, I just don’t have the energy, and the Hubby did all the schleping of boxes and tins back and forth to the attic in the garage. I’m not doing anything other than the tree this year, I don’t feel well enough and by the time I do it will be too late. I’m okay with it though becausee I know it just means that when everything goes up next year it will seem magical to the little girls who hardly remember the holidays of ’05.

I’m settling in on the couch tonight to let the Hubby get a decent nights sleep. I’ll curl up and try to finish this:
A very interesting and thought provoking fictional account of The Zombie War. The author writes about a virus that infects and causes an incurable living death and the human struggle for survival. It is all told through interviews
in which participants recount their own experiences. This builds one hell of a story.
If you have a guy in your life that likes historical or military type novels, grab this one for him and throw in a copy of The Zombie Survival Guide

Ok. I’m off to snuggle and read now. The Grumble has an ear infection and an appt with the Dr tomorrow and I expect a long night.


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