Separated at Birth

Drumroll please…
Names were double checked from e-mail and comments both here and over at the Stitchalong. They were carefully written on a yellow legal pad( and by careful I mean scrawled – hey, my helper for this endeavor can’t read yet so we’re all set folks), cut, folded and “shaked” in the Cinderella basket.

The Grumble very excitedly and vigorously shook the basket between each drawing.

And we have our winners. Check your e-mail boxes girls, I’ve already sent you messages. The Give-Away Girls: Gladys, Gertrude and Ginny will be off to their new homes on Monday.

Thanks to everyone who entered and for all your enthusiasm in this foul endeavor!


2 thoughts on “Separated at Birth

  1. Marlene, thankyou for the touching comment you left on my blog. It does get easier as time passes, doesn’t it.
    You are so busy! So many blogs! I love the green chickens, rats that I missed out!

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