The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing

What do you do when you are home sick from work and can’t really talk because you’ll hack up a lung? You embroider of course!

We’ll be taking the munchikins’ holiday pictures this weekend so I need to get their outfits finished. I picked up some fabulous plaid fabric back in Sept. at the flea market and I’ve been looking for the perfect tops ever since. I found these, el cheapo, at Old Navy the other day and they are perfect. I just added some detail at the waist and we are done.

The skirts are all cut out and I just have to sew them together. I probably won’t get to that until Sunday since there is NO WAY I’m going to survive sitting up in front of my sewing machine in the cold garage for an hour. Sunday it is. I’ll post the munchikins pics on Monday.

Don’t forget!! TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO ENTER TO WIN A CHICKEN!! You have until midnight EST to e-mail me. And yes, I will look at your time stamp. Chickens!


2 thoughts on “The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing

  1. Wow, another beautiful creation from your wonderfully crafty hands!!! I can’t wait to get my picture;) Thanks for seeing me through a couple nights of dinner over here. So far it’s been a pretty smooth transition from two to three kids. I hope you feel well soon so that we can visit and let the girls meet Ayda. I miss you and love you…

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