Water Baby

Why does my life get in the way of my life! Does this happen to you!?!

My good friend had her third baby yesterday. Meet Miss Ayda. The munchikins are jumping with excitement to meet her but alas, both have the sniffles right now and will have to wait a bit. Miss Ayda’s big brother and sister are also very excited to share their new baby sister with the world and made me promise to tell the Bean, the Grumble and the Hubby all about her. I did! She’s adorable, soft, PINK and did I say adorable.
Congratulations my friend, another fine child baked to perfection 🙂


3 thoughts on “Water Baby

  1. Yahoo, a little Sagittarian in the mix!! Be prepared for fairie dreams, voyages on pirate ships and the girl from U.N.C.L.E.. She is beautiful beyond words!!
    With much love,

  2. OOOOO, someone blogged all about me and my little one?! I feel somewhat famous now, not to mention humbled. I, too, wish you could have been there. BUT seeing as the midwives and my hubby almost missed it, I understand. Much love to you and your family. Thanks for all of your support, it’s been more than I could ask for.

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