High Feather

Oh, my little feathered friends. You make such a cute pile of chickens. All my little holiday chickens have been boxed up and sent off the their intended recipients. Nine little boxes going in many different directions: Brooklyn, Oakland CA, Providence RI, Minneapolis, Alexandria VA, Vancouver, Washington DC, Louisville KY and the Netherlands. WooHoo!

Hanging out here, in their natural habitat, we have the Holiday Chickens:Henrietta, Hilda, Helga, Heidi, Hortence, Harriet, Hannah, Harper, and Hester. Snuggled in with their sister chickens are the Give-away Girls: Gertrude, Ginny and Gladys.

I had fun making these mini versions of Chicken Betty but I’m glad to be finished with the fowl for awhile 🙂 I’m sure I’ll be making a few more for the holidays but this week I’m working on some felted potholders, some robot dolls – NOT from Wee Wonderfuls! my robots are based on drawing that the Bean did last year. I’ll hopefully have some pics soon. I’m also working on a sample vest for the store, and hat/scarf/mitten sets for the munchikins and the Hubby.

OK!! If you are interested in having one of these lovely ladies living at your home…drop me an e-mail!! I will accept entries until next Friday, 12/15/06. I’ll have each of the kids and the Hubby pull a name out of a bucket and we’ll ship you a chicken! International entries are welcome.


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