All Together Now

Ah, the holidays. Pic heavy post tonight.
I think Thanksgiving dinner this year was the best meal my family has ever put together. My Step-Monster(self-named) got all the right snacky goodies for the kids – gerkins, pepperoni, cheese, crackers, carrots and olives, Dad cooked up the most delicious, moist, cruchy/salty skinned turkey, My Aunt’s stuffing was simple perfection, My sister had great mashed taters, butternut squash and green bean casserole, my SM’S Mom brought a great fruit salad and NO ONE burned the rolls. So much for tradition 🙂
This morning after breakfast the munchikins were playing outside and I caught this while following them around – can you see it?

I wonder if this little sprout will make it through the winter. I’d love to see what it turns into in the spring.

We all went caching today. There was a new series with stops on all 5 of the local college campuses. I kept finding wierd fungi. I wonder if these would glow in the dark, foxfire, St elmo’s fire? what is that glowing stuff in the woods/swamps called anyway? Maybe its this stuff.

Then I saw these. A whole sapling trunk covered with little white disks, except for these two. What made them red, what did they get/are they lacking that makes them different from the rest of the colony?

On our 4th stop of 6 the kids got to roll down this HUGE hill. They laughed the whole way and I think we found a perfect spot for sledding when we get some snow.

This has been circulating on the blogs for a bit and I thought I’d do my version.

Perhaps the chickens will be done tonight or tomorrow and I can open up the give-away. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


3 thoughts on “All Together Now

  1. Girlfriend by Matthew Sweet is one of those instantly-take-me-back-to-highschool-driving-around-in-my-crappy-car-which-I-loved-smoking-too-many-cigarettes-for-one-so-young kind of songs. LOVE IT! If I didn’t have dial-up, I’d go download it right now. And I started playing guitar because I thought I was going to be the third Indigo Girl. The closest(to fine) I came was the first ten seconds of Sweet Home Alabama and Stairway. Not gonna cut it.
    Is that you on your wedding day???! So pretty!
    Glad you had a good holiday.

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