Wing and a Prayer

AH, almost there. I need to pick up a few extra buttons tomorrow, enough for 9 sets of eyes and feet. Then I can get to work stitching up the other 8 lady chickens. I raided the US sensus records for good chicken names, going all the way back to 1889 – boy there are some treasures back there, Matilde!?!

A new/used engine goes into the Corolla next week and hopefully we’ll have a running car by Thanksgiving 🙂
In the meantime I have 4 pies a carrot cake and some mashed turnips to plan. We do T-day at my Dad’s and we also celebrate his birthday(hence the carrot cake, his favorite)- Dad hates turnips and won’t allow them to be cooked in his house, says they smell like boiled gym socks, but my brother in law loves them so I cook em at home and bring them along.

Today was the first day of my three day weekend and I’m feeling very productive. I started Dad’s birthday gift, I’ll be done by tomorrow night. I got one chicken 95% done, and I added another 4 inches to a vest I’m working on for the store. I also made lunch and dinner, washed dishes and got the kids to bed without a scuffle. Alls well.


6 thoughts on “Wing and a Prayer

  1. Eric and I spent a night looking at that names list once, last year when they released the new top 10 names. I love it! My sister has a good chicken name, E u r e t t a. Now THAT is old fashioned!

  2. May I offer a name or two? After a great aunt of mine…Chicken Bessie (the one who taught me to knit no less!). And a cousin of mine…Chicken Gertrude. Heck, I could do all of my grandmothers sisters as well…Chicken Mildred for one. Or my other grandmother…Chicken Mona. Me family is a wee bit older, hence the names.

  3. Gertrude! Bessie! Mildred! Awesome!
    I’m not sure I could use Mona though, too many images of an oversexed 13 year old red-head in my mind (Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches series)

  4. Here’s a couple of names for consideration – Chicken Esther and Chicken Corabelle – lovely old names. I bet if you try really hard and dig way back in your memory bank you could put some faces to those names! I think a tiny string of pearls around their chicken necks would look just loverly. And by-the-way, Happy Thanksgiving to the Togbeans.

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