Take It To the Limit

I am watching the most horrific of movies – “The Affair of the Necklace“. I’m sure that if this film had been made in France, where it is set, it might have turned out at least halfway decent. This thing is sludge, the Hallmark channel makes better movies. I’m not sure why I even put this one in our netflix queue. I like a historical romance with intrigue as much as the next girl but I can not stand Hillary Swank or Simon Baker. Maybe it was for Adrien Brody or Brian Cox, maybe I was drunk. This thing sucks – avoid it!

This is a bag that I made for my friend Kelli. I promised it to her for her birthday in December but she just gained terminal velocity and has also escaped the clutches of the Mega-Bookstore. I don’t say that she escaped B&N, cuz she didn’t, she transferred to another store, a store that is run with common sense, integrity, and respect for fellow employees. And I will leave it at that. I’m happy for her because she is happy. 🙂

She is a big fan of our first Pres., ole GW. so I put her monogram on his shield. I can’t wait to give it to her!


One thought on “Take It To the Limit

  1. Going along with this theme, Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World isn’t funny. At all. Which is disappointing as it stars Albert Brooks, who is usually pretty on target as far as comedy goes.
    As for the bag, I LOVE this fabric! LOVE IT! Lovely job you did there. BTW, I used to work for a mega-book store as well…they fired me because I didn’t sell my quota of their stupid discount cards. Bastards.

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