Everyday Is a Winding Road

Day two of November.

I finished matching mittens for the Grumble. No pattern, knit from Valley Yarns Barkshire on sz 13 dpns and felted once. She loves them. I added a little faux smocking stitch to match the hat. Now, on to the scarf.

My blogging buddy, Marti, sent along some goodies as a thank you for Chicken Edith. These are adorable little Moose Mounties, the girls love them, had to take them to bed last night and The Bean took hers to school today to show her classmates where Canada is.

These were the goodies for me. A lovely thank you card – Chicken Edith was a belated wedding gift, the pattern for duckie feet baby booties – can’t wait to make these, and Koigu! from Lettuce Knits!! Where the Harlot hangs out!! Yargh! How cool and I love the colors!

Look closer. I’ve already cast on for a lovely neck warmer with a diagonal rib. Hmmmm, ribs. Guess I know what I’m making for dinner tonight 🙂
Tomorrow is my last day at the bookstore – I’m finding it hard to focus on tying everything up – I just want out at this point. A bit of paperwork tonight and passing it all along to the other managers tomorrow. *sigh* I can’t wait till Monday, it doesn’t seem real – I mean Webs! Webs!


One thought on “Everyday Is a Winding Road

  1. Yay! (I’m full of yays lately) I’m so glad that everyone liked their stuff! Really happy that the Koigu colours were up your alley. Squee! So exciting.

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