You Don’t Know Me

Hello Dear Friends,

I am coming for you. Some will be the recipients of hugs, some inquisitive stares, and a few may indeed be deafened by my “here come my lungs” laugh just before I cross you out.

I warn you now – I Will Find You (unfortunatly not in a great Daniel-Day-Lewis kind of way).

See you in Rhinebeck,

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Amy – The Hook and I (
Andrea – Soapbox (
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Carole – Carole Knits (
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Monica – Two Left Needles (
Paul – Blithering Knitiot (
Penny – Penguin Girl (
Risa – One Crazy Fiber Lady (
Terri – Off jumps jack (
Vanessa – spinning my life away (

For those of you with your Blueticks trained on me – this is my tell:

Nornspinner, ridicule will be your only prize if you don’t find me over there – I’m looking forward to a familiar face! 🙂


3 thoughts on “You Don’t Know Me

  1. Hey, it’ll be me and Kent – not sure why he decided to come, maybe to ensure that I would not buy anything! Too bad because I fully intend to find a nice white fleece and maybe even a white rabbit. I’ll set my blueticks your way.

  2. it warms my heart..i think it’s my heart, to know there are others of the “kooky” persuasion out there. togbean, have fun with your “people” this weekend. can’t wait for the telling:)

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