Baby, Its Cold Outside

With the decidedly cold snap that has passed through New England this week I thought it was time to get a new winter set ready for each of the munchikins – hat scarf mittens. I let the girls go through the stash and pull out what they liked. The Grumble, who just isn’t very girlie, is on a pink streak lately and these are her choice.

The Bean has gone with something a bit more sophisticated and mature, eh, it just had all the colors she wanted. She has a coat with white faux fur lining and the coat itself is a strange persimmony-orangy-pink color. Who knows, this is what she picked.

I’ve also been asked by Cupcake to work on a project for next spring – here is my first attempt in progress. I’m hoping to finish it this week and give it to her on our trip over to Rhinebeck on Sunday. OH! For those of you that have me as a square on your RBB cards, I will post a picture of my bag on Wed or Thurs, that’s how you’ll know me 🙂

Working away at the Project Runway Poncho, I’m liking it – even without the sparkle.

Big sigh here…
I applied for a new job this week and I have an interview tomorrow morning, I’ll also be dropping off a letter of interest and a resume at another possibility. My fingers are crossed and my breath is baited


2 thoughts on “Baby, Its Cold Outside

  1. I’ve been wanting to call and thank you for the food offering you made for the monkey! She is quite pleased, but still has not expressed her graciousness with more than a half crooked devious smile:/ As for the job hunting, you can land ANY job you want. I’ll miss you at the BIG OL’ BOOKSTORE though. (((((HUGS)))))

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