Swiss Miss loved her monkey! She hasn’t named it yet but thats OK, she’s only 3 🙂 We had dinner tonight, me and the munchikins and my buddy April and her 2 kiddos. The kids were jumpy and picky at dinner but they knew there were cupcakes waiting for them – who can blame them :)Yummy, yummy cupcakes, mmmmm. Thanks April! Happy Birthday Swiss Miss!

I’m a naughty monkey! Truth be told, Swiss Miss has a bit of Loki in her, I thought I’d give her a friend that had the same. Hee hee

Update on the Hubby – He made it out of CT the next day. The airline ended up paying for a room for the night and he arrived in AL the next afternoon refreshed and ready for some sight-seeing in Nashville. Then he got down to the hardwork of helping his cousin pack his life into a Penske truck for the drive back north. Last night they were in VA – someday I will explain why VA is my least favorite state, it has everything to do with 9 hours on 81 and nothing to do with people or politics. Tonight they are in PA and should arrive home in MA sometime tomorrow afternoon. I’m missin the big goofball. It is hard to watch TV alone when you have all these snarky and sarcastic comments about what everyone is doing and there is no one to share them with.

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