Three, Its the Magic Number

I found this trio in some catalog last year – I can’t remember which. Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel, Stuff You Want but Can’t Afford, Shouldn’t You Just Make This Shit Yourself. I don’t know, one of those.

SO, I’m thinking of making a couple, small, as holiday ornaments. Sort of a tree-hanging version of the munchikins. The blonde one will be all goofy smiles and braids and the brunette will have a scowl and unruly bangs.

I bought up a bunch of poly-felt to practice with, if they work I’ll splurge on wool felt. My hubby is currently stuck at Bradley Intl. Airport. His flight was supposed to leave at 4:45 but was grounded for maintenance issues. Now, the plane took off and flew to it’s destination – with his baggabe on board – but he is stuck in the terminal until 6:20 tomorrow morning and there are no available rooms at the Sheraton because someone is having a white-trash wedding at the airport hotel – wtf!
I miss him already 😦


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