This is a swatch that I did for a sweater that I’m making for my nephew, Buddy.
I was rearranging my living room today because
A.) It was a MESS
B.) I was in the right mood (I’m on vaca this week)
C.) We’re getting our new couch next weekend
D.) I need to reupholster my favorite blue chair
In my cleaning spree I found clean places to take pics of my good flea market finds and I found this swatch.

These are the new everyday dishes that we found. As I was handing over the cash a woman walked by and remarked that she had that same pattern at home – unused.

Here’s a closer look at the pattern and colors. The lady offered to ship me what she had left – Whee!

Can you beleive it?! And Only $4! I love Holly Hobbie – that was the theme of my room when I was little-little and it sorta is again now – calico and HH collector plates.

Fully intact thermos and all – not even a funky smell!

I still need to get a pic of the fabric, fitted sheet, and shoe shine stool 🙂


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