The Grumble snapped this pic of me in the workshop today. I like her framing. I was working on a whim. Hmmmm, see, back in the spring the Bean drew a picture of a blue rooster on a piece of yellow paper. We stuck it up on the “magnet door” and there it sat. I kept glancing at it – the thing just cried out to made into a stuffy.

This is the original drawing. The turquoiseness of the bird’s body didn’t survive but its about the color of the blue sun up there. I just happen to have striped fabric in the same color out in my stash – so I headed out to the workshop and started cutting and sewing. Being able to take pics of “Mama working” helped the Grumble today – she had a hard time letting Sissy get on the bus.

And heeeeeere is Chicken Betty. Yep, thats what the Bean called her. Yes, I know roosters are boys – leave it alone. The Bean says I have more work to do. I need to add the brown stripes and Chicken Betty needs some eyes, and, um, where are her legs! I figured the girl had great gams that I just couldn’t do justice to so I would depict her “roosting”. I was disabused of this notion – now I need to think about chicken legs. *sigh*


4 thoughts on “Chicken-Hearted

  1. “chicken betty” is a most awesome fowl!! what a wonderful way to honor your bean’s creativity. hope to see her in many other color combinations. she would be a great addition to your “store” merchandise. i would purchase one for our red kitchen. betty would be in good company with the other barnyard critters residing there. on a side bar…great picture by the grumble!! she knew to keep your anonymity. (did i spell that right???)
    much love,

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