He’s not Heavy…

HA! I just made a backpack. The Bean had her Kindergarten orientation today, one hour in her classroom with her new teacher and teacher’s aide plus the 20-odd other kids and ALL their parents and younger siblings. It was a little crowded in there. It was just me and the Bean, Grumble stayed with a neighbor for about an hour while we were there.

The Bean is SO SO excited. She has a cubby and a hook for her coat and backpack and a special name tag at her seat. And she already has friends, Hailey and Kayley – could you wince 🙂 I think back to all the Jills, Hollys, Heathers, and Michelles when I was a kid. I almost cried about a hundred times, you would think that she hadn’t been in preschool for the last year and a half.

ANyWAy….on the way home she remembered that she is supposed to hold her backpack on her lap when she rides the bus and she didn’t want to use the BIG Dora one that she got from Nana last summer.

So we started talking about what color she might like and it was a litany of preschool-aimed marketing: Sponge Bob, Bratz, Winx, all sorts of crud. Once we got to the store she ran right over to these two fabrics and exclaimed, “Mama. This is the one! But only if you use this one too.”

Here you go Bean, one princess backpack just for you – and the best zipper installation of my life 🙂


3 thoughts on “He’s not Heavy…

  1. I love that! It almost makes me want to go back to school just so I can have a handmade backpack. That would have been my dream bag, too, at one point.

  2. how wonderful for “my sweetheart” to have her very own, unique, made with love, princess backpack!!!!!!!!! what a lovely way to show her how special she is to you.

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