Shock the Monkey

This is a prototype – heeheehee
The little sister of Raggedy Ann and Andy birthday boy wants a monkey for her birthday in October. (BTW Grumble calls RA + A “Raggedy Rag and Andy” there’s something there I’m sure) We were all at the park one day back in June when I was finishing Sarah’s Monkey and it was all she could talk about. The damn thing didn’t even have a head and all she wanted to do was hug it. So, monkey it is.

I used the panel of an old skirt that was kicking around in the workshop – I thought it would be cute in plaid. I was able to use some of the really cute buttons that Gramcracker sent up for the eyes, nose and earrings. I used some scraps of polyester felt, I’d prefer wool but it is a first trial. I may add some hands and feet but I’m not sure yet. I kinda like the spindly arms and legs thing ala Knitted Babes.

Backsides are always cute.

I’ll post again when V2 is ready, I’m mulling over fabric choices and shaping changes. In the meantime I’m redoing the super secret 12 inch and 10inch squares for both the NoHo group blankets. The 12er knitted too big and felted too small and the 10er was done on needles that were too small and I was running out of yarn – sadly there is no more. Hmmm time to rethink the squares.


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