Give Me My Money Back

Introducing Chicken Agnes!

I think I got the body shape much closer to what I want with this one. I still need to work on the head shape and the tail “feathers” but the body and wings seem right to me. We’ve solved the problem of not being able to provide stick legs, like in The Bean’s drawing.

Chicken Agnes is a 2.0 version with buttons on her bottom. The Bean says she is OK with the buttons, “Its like when chickens sit in their nests and tuck their legs all up under.”

Yes Bean, just like that.

I’ve also been kicking this around in my head since the Project Runway repeats this summer when we had free cable. It’s a Poncho from Jay McCarroll – S1 winner. I bought yarn to make it today….we’ll see.
I also finished another ipod scarf for Left Click and started a third – whee!


Invisible Touch

I have two friends named April – this is for the rockin Sista that I work with. She has a tactile disfunction but she can handle corduroy – so I worked it into her birthday present.

Corduroy – pre…anything. Mmmm wide-wale

Here’s the finished product. She’s a satchel bag kinda girl.

I also dug some super-special George Washington fabric out of the pile that Lori gave me. My friend Kelly has an obsession with ole’ GW. She and her hubby even went to Mt. Vernon for their 5th wedding Anniv. This will make a perfect B-day present, when I get around to it 🙂

Too Much Time On My Hands

I did a little work on some more jewelry today. I got one set done with some huge mother of pearl buttons and cool little glass beads – I’ll throw it into the Etsy shop tomorrow.

I also made some covers for throw pillows that go on the new couch but match my redone Blue/now Green chair.

Just a simple pocket cover, nothing fancy, No buttons zippers or snaps, just an overlap of fabric – sew easy ;P

Finally my Bag o Zippers, coutesy of our trip out to visit Cupcake. You’ll also see the vintage Cookie Monster lunch bag. My Mom got it at a thrift shop in Albany a couple years back for the munchikins but I have laid claim to it – its my new socks-in-progress bag. hee hee

A Stitch in Time

Here are some shots of the fabric that I have gotten from Lori and mixed in there are the bits from cupcake. Can you believe this stuff – I didn’t have ANY of this stuff three days ago!

Whoever in Lori’s family this stuff comes from must have been a seamstress or someone who mass produced clothing.

Most of these scraps have the funny shape of fabric cut from between pattern pieces. They’re still big enough for quilting or for stuffies or dolls.

I can’t get over the fact that I have about double this still to get from Lori! WHoo Hoo!

I did a bit of rearrangeing in the workshop today to accomodate all the new stuff. I have this greta little desk that my Mom gave me and I cleaned it out and moved it to a new spot to store the fabric. Yay, Me!

Mom. Don’t we have a picture of Uncles A and M wearing shirts made from this fabric! I swear we do.

Little Silver Car

Stitchy Was HERE!
And I had no camera! 😦
The Hubby went on an all-day hike of the Holyoke Range on Sat with a bunch of Caching buddies and he took the camera to document his 300th cache – which he forgot to do, dork.
Stitchy writes about it over here and if you look close you’ll catch a glimpse of me – not enough to recognize me on the street though, mwahaahaahaaaaa….
That girl has a bevvy of friends that any woman would envy. What a support group! They drove all the way out from the Boston area to support her and make sure she didn’t run away at the last minute 🙂
If Stitchy is appearing near you – GO THERE! Check her site for dates, I dare you. The traveling exhibit from the Museum of Kitschy Stitches is a Riot – you DO NOT want to miss Strangles the Clown or the amazingly rare Mexican wrestler costume! She is Fantastic, Witty, Smart, has a cutie hubby, and a devilish grin. She’s a great girl that I am so happy to have met and gotten the chance to work with. Raise the roof, yo! Stitchy is a good time!
I’m trying to work out a trip to Rhinebeck NY for the big fiber fest and to play Blogger Bingo! I think Cupcake is coming with me – I need to let her know soon.

In other news, I got my new couch – Oh Glory! Ain’t she a beaut!
I love the color and pattern, love, love, love. I’ll be making pillows from the fabric that I used to redo the chair tomorrow.

While I’m out in the workshop I’ll take some pics of the fabric bits that Cupcake generously passed along to me AND the Garbage bag full of fabric scraps that my friend Lori from work gave me. Apparently the girl has two more bags for me! WooHoo. Saturday was a GOOD day.

I’m also working on some scarfs for our friends over at Left-Click with pockets for ipods and cell phones.

I like me some Valley Yarns Berkshire, single ply yummy yummy. Great colors and YES it does felt very nicely without much fuzz.

Lastly, I have a little girl that wants a pink monkey for her birthday – I’m working on modifying this one, more sketch work and then I’ll test one, maybe on Thursday.

Holy post Batman! Time to hop in the Mom-mobile and jet to work!

I’m looking for something in Red

Whee! I just put a bunch of my jewelry up on Etsy – take a trip over.
This one is called “Gilded Persimmon”. Why? Because I’m nutzo and I name all my jewelry.

This one was named after Francisco D’Anconia, the Copper mogul from Atlas Shrugged – don’t ask.

I called this one The Emerald City – duh 🙂

Pink Cadillac

What a beautiful day!
We went to visit Auntie Cupcake today to celebrate a belated happy birthday with her. We went bearing gifts – these! A custom made button flower bracelet and brooch. She also got some needle felting basics and some yummy spice cake. I got the idea for the bracelet months ago on a Whip Up post, I think, I just can’t remember what blog it was on or I would give original credit 😦

I wish my camera had been better behaved today. I apologize for the blurry shots, but I couldn’t get a good shot for nuts! This gives you a better idea of what the bracelet looks like when worn.

This is the coordinating brooch. I’ve had the materials picked out since before she came back up north and I’m SO glad she liked them 😉

The Bean lost her first tooth today! It has been “the wobbly tooth” for some time now. She and the Hubby and the Grumble picked pears today and she was munching on one as we headed over for the visit with Auntie Cupcake and Voila! No more wobbly tooth!

So…the Tooth Fairy is leaving this little goody, full of coins under her pillow tonight 🙂 Hopefully the TF will have a whole series of these as the Bean loses all her baby teeth! An someday the Grumble too.

Can you tell that its an upside down tooth?

Sit Down You’re Rockin the Boat

These are ALL the staples and tacks that I took out of old blue. I saved about 3/4 of the tacks. I will use them to attach the dust cover peice under the chair for which I’m using the seat cover in the old fabric.

Found these few threads stuck under a tack on the back of the chair. I thought this was all that was left of the old fabric, but I was wrong…

Lurking under the blue covered buttons was the original fabric! I’ve kept them as is -I’m telling you, they’ll go great with the new couch.

I found this little tag tucked under the stuffing. Makes me think of an old Sears & Roebucks catalog order, my Mom suggested Woolworths. Cool stuff.

Here she is getting dressed.

You betta work! Turn to the left, now turn to the right. Work! Covergirl!

I’m a model you know what I mean and I do my little turn on the catwalk.

I still have to hand sew the back peice into place and tack on the bottom bit but I am a very happy lady. I have my chair back in the house. *sigh*


Oh yeah! I also finished this.
The Bean didn’t want a big collar but she wanted her neck to be warm so I gave her a modified mandarin collar by continuing the raglan shaping for an extra 10 rows.
I do still need to work on my tension with colorwork. The chevrons are a little bubbly and it was hard to block beacuse its acrylic but these are lessons for the next one. She likes it and thats ALL that matters.