Autumn in New York

Well, Massachusetts. I know the calendar still says August but the weather is decidedly fallish here in New England this week.
You never have quite as much time as you think you do. I thought I had ALL summer to get tank tops done for the girls so I worked on them in little fits and spurts between other projects. Needless to say I have just finished the Bean’s tank, am only halfway done with the Grumble’s and it is now too cold to wear them. As a small comfort, if the Bean’s growing record is any indication, she can still wear it next year and since I’m nowhere near done on the other I can just toss it in the frog pond and start again in the spring.

Ah, yes. Here are the completed “rainbow socks” that the Grumble wore to her first day of school yesterday, to bed last night, and again today to the park. They are a little pilly from being in her sneaks all day but you get the idea. She’s all ready for another pair – aren’t we all!


3 thoughts on “Autumn in New York

  1. Love the socks, love the tank, love the pencil roll…always love books. Hope the Grumble is feeling better…I battled with ear infections from toddlerhood to preteen hood and they are absolutely no fun. Yea for back to school!

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