Part of your world

OK, here is the little Mermaid – ALL done. I made sure to include her collection bag full of shells and a pipe and fork just like in the movie *sigh*. Hopefully this and going into Kindergarten will tide the Bean over until the Holidays.
Right now I have the kids outside claening the yard furniture in prep for tomorrow’s big party/picnic. They aren’t yelling at each other too much so I’ll keep them at it for now.
I have to go bake the castle cake so it will be nice and cooled and set for me to frost it tomorrow, hmmmm gotta go get frosting, check my color gels, make sure my piping bags and tips are where I can find them, do I have candles? where did I put the big party pack , need to marinate the ribs, ooooh gotta go get shrimp, so much to do.I also wanted to show you my little stitch markers. I’m going to be making them with my knittng group Monday night so I thought I’d post pics. OK gotta scoot, stuff and things to do.


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