Everyday I Write the Book

Just a quick post tonight. I’m finishing up the details on the Bean’s Little Mermaid Merb, a yellow shoulder bag for collecting “human” things. Tomorrow I’ll be baking a mini fimo fork and pipe to go in the bag along with some tiny seashells I got from my mom-in-law. Then I can finish knitting the head of the Grumble’s Cinderella, get her stuffed, give her a face and some hair and get to work on some clothes.
I’m tired of trooping all over the house to find a spool of yarn, hoping that I will see a needle poking out of the top, so I made myself a needle book and it lives in the tray of “stuff” that I keep next to the couch. It now lives with size 3 bamboo needles, size 4 aluminum circulars, 2 stitch holders, assorted DMC floss, assorted pearl cotton, 3 safety pins, a pen, one pencil(that needs sharpening), 3 pairs of assorted sized scissors, a band-aid, an emory board, a needle/stitch gauge, assorted felt scraps, and a picture of my girls. I think it will like it in there, I would.


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