Let Them Eat Pie

The berry patch has fulfilled its destiny! Har!
The fam all trooped down to the end of the yard today for some pickin. The Grumble soon lost interest and gained a new fear of prickers but the Bean did great. She picked almost as much as myself and the Hubby. 3 cups altogether after only 15 minutes or so and we should have an equal yield next weekend. Not bad for a patch thats only about 15’x15′. This afternoon we are headed off to the Hubby’s parents house for a small family birthday party for Hubby’s middle brother. So we decided to make a pie for the bro. We needed five cups of berries for my favorite spicy berry pie so we substituted 2 cups of nice sweet Gala apples. We quick sliced the apples and let the kids chop em’ up to berry sized pieces. I know I promised pics of the two little embroidered tops but they are in the wash at the moment so you’ll just have to wait ;P

Oh and here is a good reason not to get too caught up in roaming blogland and showing your husband all of the cute little robots over at Hillary’s place:
I’m not worried. It’ll still be super yummylicious. Mmmmmmm, pie.


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