9 to 5

What could you get done in a work day? Well, I’ll tell ya. One Mason Dixon warshrag and one Wee Wonderfuls Put Togethers cardi.

Here we have a pic of my first warshrag in progress. The good ole MD ladies say we should use our knitting and I already am. 1 load of dishes done with said warshrag and I am already a convert! No more sponges for me. I used to wash and dry dishes with my Nanny when I was little and she was always a dishcloth kinda lady – I had forgotten about that until today. The Grumble says it looks like I’m making the cover of the book, I guess the colors are similar.

I also was able to order a copy of Hillary’s Put Together book from her second printing run! WhooHoo! Then, THEN, she goes and adds an adorable stockinette cardi! Well, I had to make one. I already have my inspiration fabric for my first stuffie and I used that to raid the stash for coordinating yarns. The cardi is mostly a classic elite superwash wool mixed with lion brand microspun(bottom blue), a svale cotton silk blend(middle green) and a no name stash wool(top blue), Mom, this is the leftover wool from that keyhole scarf I made you awhile back. You can see the inspiration fabric behind the sweater and the leftover CE, I might use it for little legwarmers. I also added primitive wooden buttons and a little freshwater pearl pin. I’m totally loving this little chevron thing that I did. It makes me yearn for the 1970’s and quilted vests.

I have also adjusted the blog a little. Now with improved commentablility!
now you can post a comment without having a blogger account. So there. ;P


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