Strangely, I have seen two movies with Oliver Reed this week, Gladiator and Oliver. I think I have talked about this with my husband and maybe my mother before but I think this man is why I am married to The Hubby. Look at him! I had the biggest 8 year-old crush on him in this character. Dashing good looks, devil-may-care attitude(even in the way he’s standing)and flopsy mopsy hair. Who wouldn’t have been in love with his guy in 1973?! Alright so I probably saw The Three Musketeers for the first time on a Saturday afternoon on WPIX 11 some time in the 80’s but still…
Those of you that know us can see the similarities I’m sure.

This may also be why I have such a thing for pirate mustaches – hee hee


One thought on “Athos

  1. Wouldn’t hubby look dashing in a pair of those breeches??!! “Yessss!”, as Burns would say. I do see the resemblance, now that you’ve pointed it out.

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