Road To Nowhere

I think I have mentioned before that The Hubby geocaches. This is the new logbook for the cache that he placed up on The Quabbin. It got flooded out this past Spring and he is on his was up there now to replace it. This is the new logbook that we made together for it. Road to Nowhere is a hybrid – it also functions as a letterbox. We don’t letterbox but lots’o folks do and the view from this cache is superb.

The paper for the log book was purchased at one of the shops in Thorne’s Market about four years ago to be used as invitations to the 1st Annual Sqeal and Peel – our ribs and shrimp BB-Q extravaganza – but it was never used. SO here it is, finally in use:)
The Hubby collated the papers, clamped and drilled away. I stitched it’s lovelyness together and he decorated the cover – he even made the stamp!

HA! Now I make books, too! When does it end?!


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