And on, and on, and on…

So, this is where I take a moment to write down and really think about ALL the projects I have stacked up for myself. Here we go with the list:
tank for the bean
tank for the grumble – at least I have all the yarn, Thanks Becca!
blue shrug for the bean- yarn was appropriated for another project after it was declared, “Too pickl-y Mommy.”
bean’s merb
grumble’s cinderella doll with all the trimmings
mushroom birthday purse for Becca
messenger bag for Sarah – this became a new colored pecil case/roll

That’s just the knitting folks!

Pillow case dresses for the munchikins – picked up a bunch at Sally’s last nite
(The Salvation Army)you can’t beat $.69!
Sarah Punk-Rock Sock Monkey Done and posted at Craftster – Look for Sara Lee Monkey
Two new summer bedspreads for the girls
2 new pillow covers for Anne
sewing up the embroidered pillow I made (this is on hold until we get the new couch and I can match the backing fabric)

This is what’s on the workboard – as it were
Stuff I’d like to get to work on?

* remaking Dad’s X-mas stocking that Grandma made for him, it’s hermetically sealed and packed away at this point to preserve it from any more moth and weather damage.
* 2 new tops for me from fabric that my sis bought for me 4 years ago!
* babay quilt for April’s upcoming #3
* sweater set for the husband’s counsin’s new daughter (I’m NOT doing seed stitch again!)
* two or more embroidered pillows to go with the impending new couch

Maybe I should stop blogging and get to work!


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