B B B Baaaaad

So I’m a bad blogger – 11 days, no post – so what?
Come over here and make somethin’ of it ;P

The camping trip was great! All we could say the whole time was, “Ah. No kids.” Nobody tells you before you have kids that you will come to relish absolute quiet, that NOT being asked for help at least twice an hour will be a relief. Ah. No kids.

While we were in CT I finished the embroidery on what will become the new livingroom pillow. Just two simple stitches but what fun and it happened SO fast. Thanks for the inspiration Kristin!

I also found this great piece of needlework tucked away at my mom’s place. She picked it up at a yard sale somewhere. I’m thinking of reworking it with some slight additions and updated colors.

I have my project spectrum yarn, icelandic laceweight in “Golden Mermaid” from Jager Farms. I’m going to make a shrug for the Bean to wear this fall.

I’ve also got a couple of lacy tanks planned for the girls and my sewing machine is ready to start on the sock monkey project. I got my fabric from Cia’s Pallet last week and I can’t wait to start cutting.

Perhaps tomorrow!


One thought on “B B B Baaaaad

  1. Hi Sara:
    I’m so excited you made that pillow! Great!
    Don’t forget the invite to come up and see the animals w/ the kids. We got four goats tonight. I’ll post a picture soon.

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