Caught in a Trap

These are the pillowcases that I picked up at Sally’s this week for pennies. The bottom 4 are destined to be tank dresses – hopefully today. The pattern layed across is a strange little top that I thought would make nice patch pockets for the dresses and the very top fabric should make a great cheat quilt. I’ve got white rick rack, cotton batting and backing fabric – it should work up in a day. What day? Who knows.

I finally added a profile pic today. I’ve been trying to think of what to use since I began blogging. I’m not fond of my own image and I wanted to make sure that I had something distinctive yet me. This is the Humpty Dumpty picture. Thus named because I had gotten all dressed up in our finest winter bits – mittens, chicken hat, scarf – and declared to my mother that I was indeed Humpty Dumpty. She quickly grabbed her 110 – HA! that’ll mark my age pretty well – and snapped the photo.

This is a purse that I made from a thrifted sweater my Mom-in-law picked up. She washed it to see how well it would felt – not much on the first wash – and then passed it to me along with another sweater that I’m using to make a felted fat cat designed by Kristin. I just loved the buttons on this one, they looked so pearly…and there you have the oyster and the phrase, Be a pearl.

Have layers, be the sum of many parts, show all your colors.


And on, and on, and on…

So, this is where I take a moment to write down and really think about ALL the projects I have stacked up for myself. Here we go with the list:
tank for the bean
tank for the grumble – at least I have all the yarn, Thanks Becca!
blue shrug for the bean- yarn was appropriated for another project after it was declared, “Too pickl-y Mommy.”
bean’s merb
grumble’s cinderella doll with all the trimmings
mushroom birthday purse for Becca
messenger bag for Sarah – this became a new colored pecil case/roll

That’s just the knitting folks!

Pillow case dresses for the munchikins – picked up a bunch at Sally’s last nite
(The Salvation Army)you can’t beat $.69!
Sarah Punk-Rock Sock Monkey Done and posted at Craftster – Look for Sara Lee Monkey
Two new summer bedspreads for the girls
2 new pillow covers for Anne
sewing up the embroidered pillow I made (this is on hold until we get the new couch and I can match the backing fabric)

This is what’s on the workboard – as it were
Stuff I’d like to get to work on?

* remaking Dad’s X-mas stocking that Grandma made for him, it’s hermetically sealed and packed away at this point to preserve it from any more moth and weather damage.
* 2 new tops for me from fabric that my sis bought for me 4 years ago!
* babay quilt for April’s upcoming #3
* sweater set for the husband’s counsin’s new daughter (I’m NOT doing seed stitch again!)
* two or more embroidered pillows to go with the impending new couch

Maybe I should stop blogging and get to work!

Back in the Day

 Here, finally, is the finished set for my cousin’s little boy. The dark variagation in Noro Silk Garden Lite, the great buttery color is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. The whole kit-n-kaboodle has been washed and dried, important to a new Mom, and came out the other side just fine.

And here is a close up of the color change.


This is something I’ve been knockin around in the old noggin for awhile.

About a year ago I was making a Very Hungry Caterpillar playset for my friend’s daughter and I couldn’t find our copy of the book anywhere! So I googled it – where I ended up was here, scroll to the last entry. Let me warn you that if you do not have a stomach strong enough to handle exotic foodstuffs being pondered and consumed then please DON”T follow the link. Suffice it to say that I heartily enjoyed “Steve Don’t Eat It” and have been a fan of the site – The Sneeze – ever since.

Don’t worry – I’m getting to the image above.

Through The Sneeze I found an amazing illustrator, S. Britt, something about his work seriously appeals to me. I love the colors and the quirky, not-quite-rightness about the characters. His work makes me feel like I’m sitting in front of the old wood burning stove in my grandparents back room, it’s like looking at all of my favorite books from early childhood – did I mention I like his stuff!?! Anyway….
through his links section I found Yamauchi Kazuaki. Again with the colors and the somewhat bizarreness of the characters. In his gallery I found this image of stripes and bugs.

Here’s where I get to the point.

I want to knit/felt a bag in those colors and embroider the bugs on top – How cool would that be!!
Just add it to the list of things that might get started before the muncikins hit college. 🙂

Let the Sun Shine

Happy Solstice Everyone!!
To celebrate the day I thought I’d share the needle felted items that I made on Monday night at the Mega Bookstore Knitting Group. My good friend April stopped in to teach us all the basics of needle felting. Everyone got to make this little acorn. Mine is about the size of a silver dollar. Everyone had a great time watching these hairy little balls of raw wool turn into little acorns and we had very few bleeding fingers in the process! Once everyone had finished we had the chance to try our hand at felted pictures. I made this little fairy with fuscia hair – some of you will understand the significance – and the whole process, both projects, only took two hours. My fairy is only about 4″ x 4″ .That’s a pretty reasonable turn around time in my book. No knowledge to 2 finished projects in one evening!
Well, it’s a beautiful day, the munchikins and I are headed to the castle park for the midday and then back to splash in the pool before the day gets too hot.
Enjoy the turn of the season!

B B B Baaaaad

So I’m a bad blogger – 11 days, no post – so what?
Come over here and make somethin’ of it ;P

The camping trip was great! All we could say the whole time was, “Ah. No kids.” Nobody tells you before you have kids that you will come to relish absolute quiet, that NOT being asked for help at least twice an hour will be a relief. Ah. No kids.

While we were in CT I finished the embroidery on what will become the new livingroom pillow. Just two simple stitches but what fun and it happened SO fast. Thanks for the inspiration Kristin!

I also found this great piece of needlework tucked away at my mom’s place. She picked it up at a yard sale somewhere. I’m thinking of reworking it with some slight additions and updated colors.

I have my project spectrum yarn, icelandic laceweight in “Golden Mermaid” from Jager Farms. I’m going to make a shrug for the Bean to wear this fall.

I’ve also got a couple of lacy tanks planned for the girls and my sewing machine is ready to start on the sock monkey project. I got my fabric from Cia’s Pallet last week and I can’t wait to start cutting.

Perhaps tomorrow!


I was over at Kristin’s blog yesterday and saw the Sock Monkey Challenge posted on Crafster. So, I went looking for some sock monkey inspiration. I found a photo essay, a new take on an old craft and two strangely funny children’s books. I have a model in mind for my sock monkey creation but I think I’ll get her permission before immortalizing her in fabric. For those of you more inclined to sew than knit or thrift for the challenge, ciaspallete has some great sock monkey fabrics.
I also took the plunge and joined Project Spectrum Great. One more project to set myself up with. What was I thinking? Maybe I can work this month’s color – blue – into the monkey somehow…or some jewelry…hmmmm…

Go forth and make monkeys!

Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby

Today is my one and only sibling’s birthday

I though I’d put up some pictures of lovely things growing in my yard that came from her gardens at one point or another.

She’s an amazing gardener. She creates the most organic/earthy jewelry. She’s a great cook. She’s a great Mom. She makes me laugh and I’m so glad she’s my sister.
Happy birthday sissy.
Lost Turtle!

How We Operate

So, Knitwear super designer, embroidery queen and generally amazing woman Kristin Nicholas was at the local Mega Bookstore tonight. She is fantastic! You can see here just a smattering of all the wonderful embroidered projects that she brought with her – and its all SO simple. How many of us take the time to add such rich texture and embellishment to our homes? DO IT PEOPLE its a cinch!! Kristin walked everyone through the simple steps to make embroiderd bookmarks, backstitch, daisy and french knot. Check out her blog, her paintings, her book. You can’t not love her sense of color and design

Here is a small group of us stitching away on our fun bookmarks. That’s Kristin, bottom center, she’s not fond of being photographed – Who is!

These are the two bookmarks I got done.