This is how seriously retarded I am. Mom, Sis, I know you need no conformation of this but bear with me. These are the earbuds for my CDplayer (someday I’ll get an Ipod – I swear it!)Here’s where my mental deficiency comes into play – I just crocheted covers for my earbuds from Noro Silk Garden Lite
But honestly, they fit better and I have shaken my head around like I was being attacked by a rabid swarm of bees and they haven’t moved.
I’m gonna take the kids to the park now and enjoy Secret Samadhi and my insanity while the kids play ;P


Who Can It Be Now

Hey! Will you look at that! The Grumble, IN HER SWEATER! My only issue with this picture is that the Hubby took the pic 2 weeks ago and I didn’t know it existed! Now, why she would let her father take her photograph in the sweater and not me is beyond logic. Whatever, she’s 3.

Damn Everything But The Circus

Inspiration for the title, take a listen:
This was one of my favorite albums(tapes – ha ha, dating myself here)just after high school and it was all I could think of when starting this post. The song is Damn Everything But The Circus from Grace in Gravity by The Story. Sorry for the early sidenote.

So, Circus. This is the circus sweater, so named by the Grumble when I started making it for her. Must be about the colors or something. Sorry for the pic sans child but she refuses to be photographed in it. Eight balls of Lana Grossa Bingo Print, 100% virgin Merino. I had to give it a quick wash in cold water to loosen up the fiber, the Hubby even commented on how stiff it looked when the Grumble first tried it on. But the wash worked, nothing felted, and it looks adorable on her. Let me say, I totally freaked out when I finished this – MY FIRST ACTUAL SIZED SWEATER!!! (other than infant)Sorry for the shouting, but WHOOO HOOOO!!!!
SO what, you say. I’ve been sewing for years and have made tons of clothes for myself, the hubby and both kids. Yep. But I never made the fabric that the garment was made from before – I’m just totally impressed with myself. Live with it ;P

On another side note, the kids and I were visiting grandparents this weekend and enjoying the wonders of the Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair at the Cummington Fairgrounds. Fun with sheep and Llamas. I got some beautiful yarn from Barb Perry at Foxfire Fiber Farm The Bean and I had visited her farm last month on our knitting group’s fiber farm tour. Say that five times fast, dare ya! I also got some luscious goats milk soap that is seriously scented with cinnamon – lovely!