Under the Sea

Here are the instructions for Knitted Mer-Babes. E-mail me with any problems at:

ChickenBetty at Gmail dot com – thanks for stopping by and comment if you make one so I can see your Merbs!!
Knitted Mer-Babe

Worsted yarn on Sz US4 – 6 needles

You want the knitting to be dense so the stuffing doesn’t pop through the stitches.

Work short rows for fin
Cast on 20 sts
K one row
Turn and work 19 P stitches
Turn and knit to end
K 18 sts K2tog
Turn, P2 tog , P to last st
Turn, K to last 2 sts, K2tog
Turn K2tog, K to last st, turn
Repeat in 3 row rib, decreasing at end of each row till 5 sts remain
Continue in 3 row rib now increasing at the end of each row where you had Decreased
When 20 sts are on the needle bind off

Tail(lower body)
Cast on 5 sts, pick up 10 stitches from top of the tail, cast on additional 5 sts (20 total)
Knit 10 rows stockinette
Next row increase (knit f&b) in first and last stitch
Repeat 3 more times.
K 4 rows in Stockinette
Next row increase (knit f&b) in first and last stitch
Repeat 3 more times. (36 sts)

Work following chart for transition to upper body color
Q= tail color
X=upper body color


Upper Body
Continue in stockinette st for 30 more rows
K9 sts place on stitch holder K2tog, K14 sts, K2tog, place last 9 sts on stitch holder

This is where you pick up the pattern in the book
7th line down: Next row: P2tog, P to last…..
For the back:
Place all 18 stitches onto one needle and begin with instruction from the book
6th line down: Dec row: K2tog, K to last…..

Follow book instructions for arms and their placement, increase to 9” length
Join the front upper half to back upper half per book instructions

Join tail with whip stitch and secure to fin.
Crochet a dorsal fin through the whip stitches
( I did 5 sc, 13hdc, 4dc, 1trpc, 2dc, 3hdc, 9sc)
continue sc around waistline where colors meet, increase to dc for 2 stitches at the top of the hip and return to sc around to other hip, 2dc here, return to sc and continue to back.

Stuff through back opening, stitch closed

Shell top
Standard worsted yarn
US sz G crochet hook (for all crochet work)

Chain 28
Turn and sc in last 3 stiches
*Turn 1sc, 1 popcorn stitch(yo, insert, yo, pull through, yo, insert, yo, pull through, yo, insert, yo, pull through, yo and pull through ALL yos{6}) 1sc.
Slst in first row** and chain 8
Repeat from * to **
chain 28, finish

Slip knot onto hook and slst in top of popcorn stitch, chain 15, slst in top of remaining popcorn stitch. Weave in end.

Have fun!



One thought on “Under the Sea

  1. Thanks so much, I was wondering where all the knitters found the pattern for the tail. Now I have it too! Sheilah in Costa Rica

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