La Mer

On Sunday, the Hubby woke me up with a great idea. At xmas-time our oldest had drawn a whole family of robots and I thought it would be cute to transfer/print them onto muslin and make embroider some simple dolls. Alas, time got away from me but the thought resurfaced in the Hubby and he started thinking about what other drawings we could turn into a doll and BANG! He glanced over at the mermaid she had drawn and thought of the dolls I’ve been making. “Honey, (here he waves coffee in front of my face to get me to crawl out from under the covers), what about Knitted Mer-babes?”
That’s all we talked about for most of the rest of the day – Knitted Mer-babes. Strangely this entire phrase didn’t imprint itself onto my 5 year-old’s brain. On Monday on the way home from school she asked her father when he thought I would be done making the first Knitted Merb. I’m not kidding – she said Merb, and was dead serious about it. So, here is the Merb!

In October of 2006 Claire Galand Published a new book, Dream Toys, in which she 

has published a pattern for mermaids also based on her knitted babes pattern.


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