Night and Day, Knit one, Purl one…

Wow! Has it been a week already?


Here’s my latest project – a baby sweater. I figure I’ve been having such luck lately with the doll sweaters I should expand. We have friends in England expecting their first tot and they’re planning to have the nursery in green. Keeping that in mind I made a treck to the local temple of yarn – Webs – and found some scrumptious stuff. First I found the Svale yarn (cotton, silk blend) in an irresistable apple green, and for added interst I decided to add some of Elsebeth Lavold’s Silky Tweed (again cotton/silk + a little merino) in a warm mossy color. It’s also got flecks of yellow and orange, yummy. So, there we are, seed stitch forever and a gorgeous sweater coming out of it all. The original pattern, from Vogue Baby Knits Two, calls for a hood but I’m planning on matching cap and booties. I’ll post the whole set when it’s wrapped up.


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