Luck Be a Lady Tonight

So, it is Oscar night and I’m doing what I’ve done for the past, at least, 25 years – I’m watching the Academy Awards. This was a big thing in my house growing up. We’d look forward to it for weeks and all settle in on the couch with popcorn and baited breath to see who would win, who they’d thank and what they’d be wearing. There were never men involved in these viewings. It’s not a guy thing. Just me, Mom and my sister. Even in the years after I’d moved away from home I’d call Mom or Sis and talk with them through the whole thing. The only time I ever convinced my husband to actually watch the show with me was the year that Liz Taylor gave away the winner of best picture before reading any of the nominees by bellowing out Gl-aaaaaaadiator! My husband says that nothing could ever top that – I might have to agree. I miss that days of Billy Crystal’s musical montages to the Best Picture nominees but I’ve seen enough pointless time-filling montages tonight to fill next year’s show. All-in-all a pretty predictable show but that’s what you get when the nominees are predictable. I have to say that I did enjoy John Stewart, but then again I always do. SO the Oscars are a bust, again, but I did finish my fourth Knitted Babe and I finished a second outfit for the first Babe I made. Here’s Adahlia Adahlia in a bright springtime sweater and matching skirt. The darker blue is more of the Lion Brand Micro-Spun and the light blue was another scrap yarn. I just went crazy with the little red buttons!

I’ve also added something new to my knitting routine – an exercise bike! That’s right folks – Baby Got Back, I just don’t want the warning beep when I back up so I’m working on bringing it down a bit. My husband got a chuckle when he came home from the grocery store to find the bike, which has been living in our garage for 6 months, finally in the bedroom and all decked out with a basket on front for my knitting. If I’m gonna spend 30 minutes a day on this thing I’m gonna get some knitting done. And I have… Here is Keekee in her pretty new pink dress.


She looks a little Anime with her white hair and all but that’s what my three year-old wanted so that’s what she got. She’s knitted out of a standard off-brand worsted acrylic and the hair is a combination of Cotton-Tots and fun fur. I made the bubble sweater from the book and then picked up stitches along the ribbed edge and knit in stockinette for about three inches before beginning a ruffled edge in crochet. My daughter also picked out the yarns for the dress. When I asked her what color dress she would like for her doll she ran right over to one of my stash drawers and took out both yarns. She said she had been watching the yarn to make sure I didn’t use it on anything else because it was the right color for her! It was in the back of the bottom drawer, under a whole bunch of other yarns! Three year-olds!

That’s it for this weekend. I’ve mostly recovered from the flu though I still feel a bit weak and groggy but I am looking forward to getting back to school and work and my Monday refreshment – my knitting group 🙂


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