Best Imitation of Myself

I hate being sick. Just trying to be yourself is a struggle. The Flu has run through both my munchkins and It ran into me last night. The only upside to being huddled under the covers alternately shivering or baking in a hot-flash is that I’ve got all that time to knit. Hopefully I’ll have a dress done for my 3 year-old’s doll, Keekee, by tomorrow afternoon. The bodice is done I just have to work the skirt, I’ll post a pic when its done.
If anyone is looking for something interesting to read check out Self-Made Man by Nora Vincent

FROM THE PUBLISHER: Norah Vincent absorbed a cultural experience and reported back on what she observed incognito. For more than a year and a half she ventured into the world as Ned, with an ever-present five o’clock shadow, a crew cut, wire-rim glasses, and her own size 111/2 shoes—a perfect disguise that enabled her to observe the world of men as an insider.

This is great, and quick read. You’ll really look at men differently after this one.


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