The Ladies, The Ladies

SO, here was my first attempt at one of Claire Garland’s Knitted Babes.
The first doll was named Adahlia Adahlia by my 5 year old.
She is sporting a jaunty orange and yellow hoodie – perfect beachwear, except that it is snowing outside! I had fun making the doll but the head was wobbly and my husband kept calling it Rodger – American Dad, anyone? I couldn’t give my little girl a doll that looked like a goo-spewing alien, so I whip stitched about a 1/2 inch of the neck together and vastly improved it’s appearance.


The second doll was also for my 5 year-old, I called this one Diana Ross till it was done, it’s all about the hair. My daughter decided to name her Aluna and that’s that. I didn’t want to end up with another enormous head so I modified the pattern a bit and was much happier with the shape and stability that this one had. I decided she just was coming back from a trip to the islands so, I made a bright and flirty dress for her and accesorized with a feather boa and a floral purse.

After the overwhelming success with the first two dolls my daughter insisted that I make one for her best friend’s upcoming birthday and I did. Here’s Rachel.


My daughter picked out the yarn for the skin and hair because she wanted it to look just like her friend. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to take a pic of the doll in her “Brazilian Ballet” outfit. A saucy little red number with a ruffled skirt and matching toe-shoes, but you do get to see her “Mountain Retreat” get-up. Comfy sweater, jeans and a flopy hat.

I’ve finished a fourth doll for my three year old and though it only has underwear at this point, she has named it Keekee and won’t let go of it. I’m working on a little pink dress and I’ll post a pic as soon as its done.

If anyone is in the Framingham, MA area on March 8th check out Children’s author and illustrator Jarrett J. Krosoczka at the Barnes & Noble. His new book, Giddy Up, Cowgirl is awesome and he is a super sweet and funny guy.


One thought on “The Ladies, The Ladies

  1. Hi. I am just starting to knit my first knitted babe and would very much appreciate it if you could share how you modified the head size so it wasn’t quite as big and wobbly as they seem to be.
    Your knitted babes are fabulous and I love reading your blog.
    Hope you won’t mind helping this newbie.
    Thank You
    Ronni Lynn

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